Cancel your ID Card (CNIC/NICOP)

You can apply for cancellation of your CNIC/NICOP if you wish to surrender your Pakistan Citizenship.

Applying for Cancellation

Refer to the following slideshow to view the steps for Cancellation of your CNIC/NICOP on Pak-Identity:

Once you have registered and prepared with you the photograph and supporting documents, you are now ready to apply for Cancellation of your CNIC/NICOP at Pak-Identity.

  • Give Application Details
NOTE: If chosen category is Cancellation or New, then the payment is received at the end of the application. In other categories, the payment will have to be made at the start of the application because your existing record will be displayed. Kindly contact customer service (Contact Us) if you encounter any problems in completing your application.
  • Print the finger print form, take the impressions, scan and upload the form.
  • Set the scanner at 600 DPI, JPEG/JPG and Grayscale. Scan and upload the form.
  • Review your information and sign the declaration
  • Pay Fee through a Credit Card/Debit Card and then submit the application
NOTE: You can also go to the nearest E-Sahulat center and pay against your tracking ID in case you are applying from Pakistan.

How Long will the Online Application Process take?

The online application process differs for each category you apply in. The following table shows the approximate time take to complete an online application, assuming that you fulfill all the prerequisites.

Sr #ActivitiesEstimated Time
1Register user2 min
2Select application category0.5 min
3Give Application details1 min
4Upload photograph2 min
5Print, scan and upload finger print form*5 min
6Pay Fee2 min
7Submit Application1 min
Total estimated time 12 min