What is Pak-Identity?

Pak-Identity is an online portal for filing application for different types of Pakistani ID cards. You can apply for:

  • National ID Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP): Fresh – Renewal – Modification – Reprint/Lost– Update of Non-Printable Field

National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is issued to citizens of Pakistan who are residing abroad and are national of a country that has a dual nationality arrangement with Pakistan.

Those citizens of Pakistan can apply for NICOP and can travel to Pakistan without requiring a visa.

  • Smart ID: Renewal – Modification – Reprint lost – Update of Non-Printable Field

Smart ID is issued to the Inland Pakistanis aged 18 or above.

  • Pakistan Origin Card (POC) – Fresh – Renewal – Modification

Pakistan Origin Card is issued to those applicants who themselves or their parents have renounced their Pakistani citizenship and have acquired the nationality of the country that has no dual nationality arrangement with Pakistan. Foreign spouse of the Pakistani origin can also obtain POC.

NOTE: If you apply in the modification or renewal category of your old version of CNIC, you would be issued Smart ID (chip based) instead of CNIC. Moreover, you cannot apply in reprint lost category of old version of CNIC. First time/fresh processing of Smart ID is not available at Pak ID.


  • Family Registration Certificate–(FRC)

FRC is issued to applicants which shows family composition of the applicant (by birth or by marriage) registered with NADRA.
If a person is not registered in NADRA and does not hold 13-digit ID number, his/her data will not be reflected in FRC.

NOTE: The family members should be linked through ID card numbers, if they are not linked, then FRC cannot be issued online and you need to visit NADRA center.

  • Cancellation of NICOP/Smart ID due to nationality surrender

Citizen of Pakistan can apply for cancellation under this category if he/she has formally renounced/surrendered Pakistani nationality or has acquired nationality of a foreign country (having valid foreign passport) that doesn’t permit dual nationality.

  • Cancellation of blood relative NICOP/Smart ID/POC due to death

Cancellation of (CNIC/CRC/NICOP/POC) due to death of a Pakistani Citizen/Ex-Pakistani may be applied in this category by the immediate family members.

  • Cancellation of POC due to dual nationality arrangement or resumption of Pakistani nationality

An ex-Pakistani who previously obtained POC and has now acquired nationality of a foreign country (having valid foreign passport) that permits dual nationality can apply for cancellation of POC or an applicant reacquired Pakistani nationality may also apply for cancellation of POC.

  • Cancellation of foreign spouse POC (in case of divorce)

Pakistani Spouse can apply for cancellation of POC of his/her ex-spouse (foreigner) after divorce.

Why should I choose Pak-Identity?

  • It’s fast. Apply hassle free in few simple and easy steps.
  • It’s convenient. Apply for your National ID from your home or office, anywhere in the world, at any time, on web interface or Pak ID mobile application.
  • Whether you live in Pakistan or abroad, your card will be delivered to your doorstep.

How does this online system work?

The Pak-Identity website allows you to easily acquire your National ID in 3 simple steps:

  • STEP 1: Registration

Register an account on the Pak-Identity web application. You can access it using the Apply Now button on the homepage. You need to give a valid mobile number and email address and thumb impression for account verification.

  • STEP 2: Fee Submission

Depending on your application category, you will be asked to pay your fee at either the start or the end of the application (varies between application types). We accept all major Credit & Debit Cards (Visa/Master Card).

  • STEP 3: Online Application

Complete your application and make sure all provided information is correct. Upload your photograph, fingerprints and supporting documents either through Pak ID web or Pak ID Mobile Application(Android/iOS). Instructions on how to upload these documents are available in each respective section in the application as well as on the home page.
And you are done!
Your Application will be processed by NADRA and the ID card shall be delivered at your address. You may be contacted in case any further information is required.

Which browsers are supported by the Pak-Identity Web Application?

Pak-Identity reliably supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Chrome 40 and above
  • Firefox 39 and Above
  • Opera Latest version

Why can’t I access Pak-identity on low resolution screen?
To make the user experience as smooth as possible, Pak-Identity enforces certain restrictions. One of these restrictions is preventing the use of low resolution screens to access the system. Please use a system with a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 720.

I have registered my account with wrong Email/mobile number. What should i do?

You can re-register your account with accurate email/mobile number. You have to provide new email ID.

What is the username and password for logging in?

You will be allowed to create a login username and password when you register your account. Please use the same credentials to login.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please use the “forget password” link on the Pak-Identity login page.

Can I change my password?

Yes, you may change your password by using the ‘Change Password’ option after logging into Pak-Identity.

What should I do if I suspect that my password has been stolen or exposed to others?

If you suspect that your password has been stolen or exposed to others, please change your password immediately.

I have registered my Account on Pak ID Website but it says your Account is not Verified?

After completing the registration, the last step is to verify your account through a verification code, that you will get on your registered email, put that code in the required field and your account would be verified. Check the complete guide about account creation on Pak ID web.

What do I do if I face a problem or a difficulty while launching my Pak-identity Application?

You may contact us through contact us page, based upon the nature of your issue

Please make sure you include your:

  • Tracking ID
  • Citizen Number (ID card Number)
  • Contact Phone numbers

What is 600 dpi? How to scan the Fingerprints form at 600 dpi specification?

600 DPI is the scanning quality of an image. DPI refers to Dot per inch. It’s a number of dots of ink per one inch of an image horizontally and vertically.

Following are the steps for scanning the form at 600 dpi (dot per inch)

  • Place the fingerprints form on the scanner.
  • Press the scanner button on the scanner.
  • Following screen will appear

  • Click ok to proceed further.
  • The following window will appear appear next

  • To scan the form, select the following parameters:
    • Select Grayscale from Color format drop down box.
    • Select JPG (JPG File) from File type drop down box
    • Select 600 dpi in Resolution (DPI) box.
  • Then click scan button.
  • Once the scanning is completed, following window will appear to save the scanned file.

  • Click Import button to save your scanned document at default printer location.
  • Once the file is saved, the system automatically opens and displays the scanned file location.

  • Now the file is ready to be uploaded to Pak-Identity web application.

Fingerprint form meets specifications i.e. 600 dpi, 5 MB size, but I am still unable to upload the fingerprint form?

If you are facing fingerprints form uploading problem even after the fulfillment of the specifications of 600 dpi scanner’s setting (explained above) and less than 5 MB file size. It means your fingerprints are not clear and the system is unable to match it with the fingerprints available in database.

You can use Pak ID mobile application (Android and iOS) OR re-try by following below mentioned instructions:

  • Download the form from the link available on the Fingerprint section

  • Affix lighter fingerprint impressions with ink pad. Sample form is given below for guidance purpose.

  • Scan the form by setting scanner at 600 dpi in greyscale (explained above)
  • Ensure that the File size is not more than 5 MB and the file type is JPG/PNG
  • Upload the fingerprint form either on the Pak-identity web or Pak ID mobile application (Android and iOS).


This error indicates that either;

  • Your fingerprints do not exist in NADRA database.
  • Your ID card has been expired for more than a year.
  • Your record is marked for verification.

In order to resolve the issue, you need to visit NADRA office.

I am facing the issue regarding the payment of fees through credit card. What should I do?

You should use the link to the NADRA Centralized complaint management system

Please make sure you include your

  1. Tracking Id
  2. Bank Name
  3. Credit/Debit card provider
  4. Country (applied from)

I am unable to upload/download the documents. What should I do?

You can update your browser to the following recommended browsers and try again.

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Chrome 40 and above
  • Firefox 39 and Above
  • Opera 31 and Above

How to set fingerprint form image quality as 600 dpi?

You must scan the form by setting scanner properties to 600 dpi in grey scale (already explained above in Problem Resolution). OR You can use Pak ID mobile application (Android and iOS) for capturing of fingerprints.

My case officer is asking for additional supporting documents. Where and how should I send these documents?

There are two ways to provide the required documents.

  • Either login to your account on Pak ID web, open your existing application and upload the document in upload documents tab or upload the required documents through Pak ID mobile app (Android and iOS).

  • Or you can provide it directly in reply to the case officer’s email.

My application is rejected. What should I do?

If your application is rejected by the case officer, the rejection reasons and details will be communicated through email. Check the email in your inbox or junk folder. In case your application is rejected and you have not received the email, you can launch a complaint on our NADRA Centralized Complaint Management System (NCCMS)

Why payment is taken earlier while applying?

Payment is taken earlier only when you apply for modification or renewal of your card categories. This enables the applicant to view his/her information that already exists in NADRA /database.

What documents do I need to apply online?

You will have to upload supporting documents with your application to facilitate the processing. The required supporting documents depend on your chosen application type.

To find out which Supporting Documents you must upload, please choose options below that represent your application as accurately as possible.

NOTE: After the submission of your application, Additional documents may be asked by your case officer depending on the nature of your specific case.

How long will it take to Process and Deliver my ID Card?

The card printing and delivery timelines depend on the application type/priority selected as explained below:

  • Normal category takes 31 working days after payment date
  • Urgent category takes 23 working days after payment date
  • Executive category takes 10 working days after payment date
NOTE: Approval of the case by the case officer is mandatory. Incomplete applications or applications requiring additional documents can take longer time.

How will I know if I have completed a section of the application?

After providing the complete information in the respective section, you will be asked to save the information, once saved, the respective section would be minimized and the respective tab on the top would be checked marked in green.

Where can I review the information I provided?

You can review the information or check the previous section at any point whilst completing the application. This can be done by clicking the respective bar of the completed section and that box will open with the information provided. Once all sections are completed you will be able to review all of the information you have provided. However, once payment is made/completed you will not be able to make further changes in the fields which impact the fee of the application.

I need help with filling out my application. Where do I go?

You will find guidance at the Identity document page and in our Guides and Information links at the bottom of the Homepage. Or You can contact us through Facebook messenger directly.

What will happen if I ‘Submit my Application’ before providing complete information?

Pak-Identity portal will not let you submit incomplete applications.

How do I save my application?

After providing the complete information in a respective section, you will need to click the save button in the right bottom of each section.

Will I receive any confirmation after submission of my application?

A confirmation email upon successful submission of your application is automatically sent to your profile email address. The email might end up in your Junk Mail folder. So please ensure to check the Junk folder if you don’t find the email from NADRA in your inbox.

Do I need to submit fingerprints or signatures for a child in case of NICOP?

No! You do not need to submit fingerprints or signatures for child (Under 14 years of age).

What do I need to know about 4 digit security code?

The 4 digit security code is saved in smart identity card chip. It allows the holder to perform secure transaction in various applications. The digits range from 0-9. Applicant can choose any four.

What should I put in Relation with Head field?

Select your relationship with the head of the Family


  • If Head of the family is FATHER


  • If Head of the family is HUSBAND

When can I apply for a New Overseas ID (NICOP)?


You can apply through Pak ID in case you already possess a 13-digit NADRA issued identity number which can be a CRC (Child Registration Certificate), NICOP (National Identity card for overseas Pakistani), CNIC (Computerized national identity card) or Smart ID. Your first identity document will be converted into a valid Smart NICOP. Please note that this is also valid for modification of NICOP.


Incase you do not possess 13 digit NADRA Issued Identity number then your first identity document will be smart NICOP.

When can I apply for a Renewal of my ID?

You can apply for a Renewal of your ID Card if it has expired.

Note: Please note that in some cases, Case officer might ask for additional documents for processing of your application

When can I apply for a Reprint of my ID?

You can apply for a Reprint of your ID Card (CNIC/NICOP) if it has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

When can I apply for a Modification of my Smart ID?

  • If you would like to amend your Smart ID e.g. name, address, photograph, signature etc. Then you can apply for a modification in your Smart ID.
  • You can also apply in modification if your Smart ID has not yet expired and you want to acquire your Smart-ID with Fresh Picture.

When can I apply for a Modification of my NICOP?

  • If you would like to amend your NICOP e.g. name, address, photograph, signature etc. Then you can apply for a modification in your NICOP.
  • You can also apply in modification if your NICOP has not yet expired and you want to acquire your NICOP with Fresh Picture.

How many applications can I apply for, from one account?

You can use your Pak Identity account for upto 10 applications.

I have applied in the wrong category. What should I do now?

In case the payment is not processed, you can select action option from In-Process Tab for Cancellation of your tracking id. Once your tracking id is cancelled you can proceed with the new one.

If the payment has been processed, then you need to apply for the refund.

Can I apply for fresh CNIC through Pak-identity?

You cannot apply online for Fresh CNIC through Pak-identity. You will have to visit any nearest NADRA Centre to apply for Fresh CNIC.

When can I apply for First time (New) POC?

You can apply for a new POC if

  • You were a Pakistani national and have surrendered the nationality.
  • You are a foreign national and your parents or grandparents are OR were Pakistani nationals.
  • You are a foreign national and any of your relatives (brother, sister, uncle, aunt) are OR were Pakistani nationals.
  • You are a foreign national and married to a Pakistani/Ex-Pakistani citizen.

When can I apply for a Renewal of my POC?

You can apply for a Renewal of your POC if it is expiring in 6 month’s time. You need to provide an image of your valid foreign passport.

When can I apply for a Modification of my POC?

You can apply for the Modification of POC if you want to:

  • Update your marital status
  • Update/Modify your address
  • Modify your name
  • Modify your date of birth
  • Modify Passport issuance country
  • Add blood relatives in your record

Are the photographs required in applying for a new FRC?

Yes, you will be required to provide your Photograph (applicant) as well as photographs of all members of the FRC who are under 18 years of age. The applicant must be part of the FRC he/she is applying for.

How do I pay the Application Fee?

You can pay the fee online at Pak-Identity using a credit card/debit card (Visa/Mastercard)

Can I pay with someone else’s credit card/debit card?

Yes, you can.

Is there cash on delivery option available?

No, cash on delivery is not an available option. The only available option for payment is through debit/credit card

Will I be notified about the status of my application?

Pak Identity System will send notifications regarding the processing of your application on the provided mobile number(only in Pakistan) and email address. You will be notified at the following stages of your application:

  • Pak-Identity Account Registration

  • Fee Submission

  • Application Submission

  • Application Approval/Rejection/Deferral & Card Printing


  • Card Dispatch

Can I track my application status manually?

In addition to the automated updates above, if you are applying from abroad, you can do so by clicking the existing application tab, you can see the “status” in the table against your tracking ID, click it and you will get to know about the status of your application.
Or if you are applying from Pakistan then, you can track your application by sending your Application Tracking ID to “8400”.

When am I eligible for the Refund?

Refund should be claimed within the 6 months period of fee submission. An applicant can only be considered for the refund if;

  • Applicant has applied in wrong category.
  • Applicant’s fingerprints are not matched.
  • The application is not submitted and applicant do not want to proceed with it with a genuine reason.
  • Applicant is not eligible for the intended category

How to apply for the refund?

Here are the steps for applying to refund

  1.       Login to your Pak – Identity account.
  2.       Click on the New Application Tab.
  3.       From the list of options, select “Refund of Pak Identity Application”.
  4.       Enter reference tracking ID against which refund is being claimed.