Capturing your Fingerprints on the Fingerprint Form

As part of your online application at Pak-Id, you may be required to download the form, print it and then capture the 4 fingerprints requested by the system. The fingerprint submissions must meet specific criteria for processing by NADRA. The short video below explains how to capture fingerprints that are acceptable to NADRA.

Filling the Form

  • Ensure all information is written in clear BLOCK letters using black ink.
  • Enter data within the boundaries of the designated field or block.
  • Complete all required fields. (If a required field is left blank, the fingerprint form may be immediately rejected without further processing.)
  • The form must be scanned at 600 dpi, JPEG and in Grayscale.

How to Record your Fingerprint on the Form

  • Do not Roll the finger for taking fingerprints
  • Do not use Highlighters on the form
  • Ensure that the fingerprints are not smudged
  • Ensure notations are made for any missing fingerprint impression (i.e. amputation)
  • Ensure there are no stray marks within the fingerprint impression blocks
TIP: Remove the excess ink on the fingers by first placing your finger on a rough paper before recording your impression on the fingerprint form.

Do’s and Don’ts