Edit and Upload Urdu Forms

During your online application at Pak-Identity, you will be required to download and print forms on paper, edit the information on them, capture fingerprints and then scan and upload them back to the application.

Note: The names provided in English shall be translated automatically.
Note: Please note that the data populated in the online Urdu form is only the suggestive text as per the best system knowledge. Applicants must review and customize the information according to their requirement. In case of any changes required, please make the corrections on the Urdu Form before uploading it.

Please review this helpful information to ensure you edit the partially filled form correctly in order to prevent delays or rejections:

  • Use black ink only.
  • Please use clear handwriting for editing information on the printed form.
  • Print the form on an A4/Letter Page.


Type of files

We are able to accept the following types of files:

  • .JPEG
  • .JPG
  • .PNG


Size of files

We are able to accept the following sizes of files:

  • Supporting document: 5 MB

  • Form: 5 MB

  • Photograph: 5MB


Naming tips

When naming your files to be attached to an online application only use numbers 0–9 and letters A–Z (upper and lower case), dashes ‘–’ and underscores ‘_’.

You must avoid using spaces ‘ ‘, periods ‘.’, ampersand ‘&’, hash ‘#’, star ‘*’, exclamation marks ‘!’, quotations ” “” and any other character that is not a letter, a number, a dash or an underscore.