Pakistan Origin Card (POC) endeavors to provide eligible foreigners with unprecedented incentives while ensuring that the motherland remains tightly integrated with expatriates worldwide which includes:

  • Multiple visa-free entry in to Pakistan.
  • Indefinite stay in Pakistan with exemption from reporting to police or foreigners’ registration offices, etc.
  • Biometric capturing and Update facility has been started across all inland Nadra centers which enable POC holder to purchase, sell, own, deal with and dispose of movable, immovable property, open bank accounts and register mobile sims anywhere in Pakistan.
  • Swift immigration into/from Pakistan at all designated routes, port and places.
  • Proof of Identity in place of National Identity Card.
  • May obtain Employment.
Eligibility for Smart POC

Pakistan Origin Card is issued to those applicants who themselves or their parents have renounced their Pakistani citizenship and have acquired the nationality of the country that has no dual nationality arrangement with Pakistan. Foreign spouse of the Pakistani origin can also obtain Smart POC.

In the following scenarios, the applicant is eligible for the Smart POC: –

  • If applicant was a Pakistani national and has surrendered the Pakistani nationality and now holding a nationality of a country other than dual national country.
  • If applicant is a foreign national, holding a nationality of a country other than dual national country and his/her parents or grandparents are or were Pakistani nationals.
  • If applicant is a foreign national and any of his/her relatives (brother, sister, uncle, aunt) are or were Pakistani nationals.
  • If applicant is a foreign national and married to a Pakistani/Ex-Pakistani citizen.

Following is the list of countries that has dual nationality agreement with Pakistan.

S No. Name of Country
1 Australia
2 Belgium
3. Canada
4. Egypt
5. France
6. Iceland
7. Ireland
8. Italy
9. Jordan
10. Netherland (Holland)
11. New Zealand
12. Sweden
13. Switzerland
14. Syria
15. United Kingdom
16. United State of America
17. Bahrain
18. Finland
19. Denmark
20. Germany*
21. Norway*

*Children of Pakistani parents who have grown up in Germany and who have due to their birth in Germany acquired German nationality in addition to their parents’ nationality from the other state.

*Those Norwegian nationals who have previously renounced their Pakistani nationality are eligible to apply for Smart NICOP after acquiring the resumption certificate.

Categories of Smart POC Application

Smart POC can be applied in the following categories through Pak ID:

  • New/Fresh
  • Renewal
  • Modification
  • Cancellation

For information about Smart POC fees please visit the link given below: