NADRA Pak Identity Counters in Pakistani Missions

NADRA Pak Identity Counters in Pakistani Missions

NADRA Pak Identity counters are established in 13 x Pakistani Missions for the facilitation of overseas Pakistanis. Now you can visit the Pak ID counter in your respective country and process your application without any hindrance.
Before heading to the Pak ID counter, make sure you have all the required documents for processing of your application. You can check the required documents for processing on the following link:

Applicants from UK:

If you are in UK, you can visit our NADRA centers in London/Birmingham/Bradford/Manchester missions. You need to make an appointment before going for the processing of your application.

Step by Step Process:

Here is the step by step process you need to know while processing of your application at Pak ID counter:

  1. Provide all the required document to the counter manager, if all good, your application would be proceeded to the next step.
  2. You will be asked about the category of processing (Normal, Urgent, Executive), each category has different fee.
  3. Your photograph will be captured.
  4. For payment, you will need to provide credit card/debit card information.
  5. Then, your Fingerprints would be captured through a thumb machine.
  6. After filling the form by the counter manager, your system generated verifier form would be printed, signed by you and then scanned and uploaded to the system.
  7. The supporting documents would be scanned and uploaded to the system.
  8. Finally, your application would be submitted.
  9. In case of any query or further requirement of the document, you would be informed via email or telephonic call on the number you have provided while processing.

List of Pak ID counter Information:


Sr No. Mission Name Country
1 Washington Pak Embassy United States
2 New York Pak Consulate United States
3 Chicago Pak Consulate United States
4 Los Angeles Pak Consulate United States
5 Houston Pak Consulate United States
6 Toronto Pak Consulate Canada
7 Milan Pak Consulate Italy
8 Madrid Pak Consulate Spain
9 Athens Pak Embassy Greece
10 Paris Pak Embassy France
11 Berlin Pak Embassy Germany
12 Istanbul Pak Consulate Turkey
13 Muscat Pak Embassy Oman
14 Kuwait Pak Embassy Kuwait
15 Kuala Lumpur Pak Embassy Malaysia