Verification of your Identity Documents

You can apply for online verification of NADRA’s issued identity document which can be a CNIC, NICOP, Smart ID , Child Registration Certificate (CRC) or POC.

NOTE:You are required to top up your personal account before starting the verification.

Applying for Verification

Refer to the following slideshow to view the steps for Verification of your Identity Documents on Pak-Identity:

Once you have registered and recharged your account with Debit Card/Credit Card, you are now ready to apply for verification of your National Identity Document at Pak-Identity.

  • Create an application in the Verification category.
  • Fill in the required detail.
  • Sign the declaration
  • View the desired information

How Long will the Online Application Process take?

The following table shows the approximate time take to complete an online verification process, assuming that you have fulfilled all the prerequisites.

Sr #ActivitiesEstimated Time
1Register user2 min
2Select application category(verification)0.5 min
3Top Up Account2 min
4Fill Required Details1 min
Total estimated time 5.5 min